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About Me:
Hello, my name is Tracy Zeigler. I currently reside in NJ, but will soon be making my way to New Haven, CT. I have been fortunate to pick up a very diverse set of skills, with a concentration in the IT arena.  I have skills in customer service, management, project management, requirements analysis and testing.  I enjoy problem solving and have excellent verbal and writing skills. I am looking to establish a career that will allow me to use my current skills and learn new skills.

My education background:
I currently have a BBA in Management Information Systems. I will be starting my Masters in Computer Science, with a concentration in Software Development and a concentration in Modeling and Simulation.

My Skills

My work history:

I am looking for a company that I can have a career with, and not just a job. I have several years of doing analyst work. When I worked at TSYS, I started out as a business analyst, working with client requirements, and moved into a more technical analyst role. I worked as a liaison between the business analyst and developers. I created technical documents, lead meetings with all stakeholders, and followed projects from beginning to end, based off of the SDLC. This allowed me to develop skills to speak in terms that non-technical and technical persons could understand. 

In my time with Aon-Hewitt, I gained even more experience with analyzing technical requirements and project management. As a systems analyst, I had to figure out how to make the changes work with the current system set-ups and technologies.  I was put in control of several projects at the same time and was responsible for ensuring the project was a success.  I also configured changes using a proprietary system. Changes were made to GUI and web environments, including mobile. Also, I had to work with several 3rd parties, so communication and time management were big players in the role.

I then had the role of Senior Implementation Analyst, when I moved on to Morneau Shepell. In this role, I performed on-going maintenance and as well as implementing new clients.   Here we made changes using both a proprietary system and Microsoft SQL. Again I gained project management experience. Most projects I worked on, I was the one responsible for making sure the project was going as planned.

In all three positions, I had to create test plans, do test executions, as well as review test plan results.  I was responsible for project completions and had to keep stakeholders informed of the process. I was able to gain and improve my time management skills and project management skills.  Also my time at Aon-Hewitt and Morneau Shepell, I worked remotely.  This allowed me to develop the skills necessary to get tasks accomplished with minimum supervision. I learned to use the tools available to communicate effectively with colleagues and 3rd party clients.

In my time with Synovus I worked as a helpdesk analyst.  I was responsible for troubleshooting issues, both software and hardware related. I installed printers via IP address, reset passwords, set-up new users via active directory, and installed new pc and peripherals. Problems were fixed by remoting into a user’s pc, but there were occasions when we physically had to go to the location or send a tech out to the location if they were not local.  Additional duties included monitor servers and troubleshoot when issued did arise. I was on an on-call rotation while in that position.

At Aflac, I had multiple roles. I started off doing customer service and quickly made my way from a CS1 to a CSR IV. I assisted customers, agents, and payroll managers.  I explained policy, advised on commissions, and went over payroll billing. Also explained claim payments and benefits.


I then moved to a Lead Supervisor role in the mail department. I had 16 - 26 persons report to me.  I was in charge of hiring and letting employees. I trained/coached new employees. I kept work records on the employees that reported directly to me.  I helped with the departmental budget.  I also attended and lead leadership meetings.  The meetings were to discuss departmental goals/issues; also, they were to help develop as managers.

Some highlights while in the role, I implemented a new process that made drivers more accountable as well as increase productivity in the picking up and delivery of mail. I created a training manual with clear and precise instructions on how to do each job in the department. I also created an automated report to keep track of all the stats for the employees.  It was able to display individual stats, team stats, or selected employees.  I submitted a proposal to purchase a new piece of equipment with a value of $500k.  I had to show where cuts in the current budget could be done to help offset the cost of the purchase. 

I enjoyed the management role, and would be very interested in a career that would allow me to do management along with analysis.  Although I have little experience with programming, I can see myself in a programming role as well.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or visit my linked profile. Links are on the left hand side of the page.  Also my résumé is available for download.